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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 The Open Review is Now Complete. Thank you to all who participated. 

December 15, 2016: OPEN REVIEW IS COMPLETE

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Our Open Review is now complete and comments sections have been closed. Reviewer comments remain on the drafts, but no new comments can be added. If you do have comments or suggestions for the contributors you can still email the Open Access Companion Editors directly at opencanterburytales AT gmail DOT com. Thank you very much to the students, researchers, scholars, teachers, and readers who participate in the Open Review, to our knowledge the first open and online open review of a Chaucer companion.

october 22, 2016: deadline for open review is december 15

Thanks to everyone who has left comments, suggestions, questions, and responses to our Open Review Chapters. You are helping foster this project, affect the future course of the volume, and enact the open-ended and collegial principles that motivate this project!

Here’s some news about the next stages of Open Review for the Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales.

We will keep the Open Review process going until December 15th, 2016. All comments sections on all chapters will remain open until that date. If you have been intending to comment on drafts but have not yet had a chance, we hope that knowing this deadline will be helpful for your planning. We want to make sure every posted chapter receives a robust and helpful set of comments, so we’d be very grateful if you could post your own comments, encourage colleagues, friends in the field, and students to join the Open Review, and mention and link the Open Review on social media and in academic communications and newsletters. At this point, we’d be grateful if you could consider focusing your attention on drafts that have fewer comments than others. 

After December 15th we will close the comments sections but will leave the chapters up and online in their current form until June 2017. This way, friends of the project who have already started using these chapters in their classes will be able to use them through a large part of the year. If writers, however, ask us to do otherwise with their chapter drafts, the editors will respect their choices in the matter. If you are an OA Tales writer, please feel free to be in touch with the editors at any time, either individually or at the group address opencanterburytales dot gmail dot com. 

As the Open Review moves forward, we the editorial collective will be working on the planning for the hosting, appearance, and circulation of the project’s final version.  We’ll also keep everyone posted about the final revision procedures, but here’s a quick preview. After the Open Review closes on December 15th, we’ll encourage writers to take a look through the comments left on their chapters and see how they might inform the final revision. We the editors will also send out some collective and individual suggestions for revision. We’ll ask for a June 2017 deadline for final revisions of chapters. In the Spring of 2017, the editorial collective will be settling down on the final form (and distribution arrangements for) the OA Companion to the Canterbury Tales, and then we’ll be ready to welcome all final chapter drafts by June. Chapter drafts not posted in the Open Review will join the project on or before that time. We’re delighted with the progress on this project, and thankful for all of the work of our writers and commenters. 

August 2, 2016: OPEN REVIEW IS… OPEN

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 Open Review has commenced and will be announced on the OA Canterbury Tales facebook page. Please spread the word to colleagues, students, and other interested parties. When possible, please link to the page titled “Open Review Home”:

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 [ https://opencanterburytales.com/open-review-home/ ]

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